Bringing Them Home








Memories of a Country Girlhood by Ellen Smith, 1983 ISBN: 1 872883 86 9, published by Heart of Albion Press.

Seven Pennies in My Hand by Ellen Smith, 1984 ISBN: 1 872883 87 7, published by Heart of Albion Press.

Many Fingers in the Pie by Ellen Smith, 1985 ISBN: 0 9509092 2 X, published by Ellen Smith.

Never Too Late by Ellen Smith, 1986 ISBN:0 9509092 3 8, published by Ellen Smith.

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Bringing Them Home, the Story of Wymeswold's Lost Sons by Ivor Perry, 2014 ISBN: 978-0-951734-35-3, published by Heart of Albion Press.

A Child In Paradise? Wymeswold 1939-1958, by Jim Mackley, 2015 ISBN: 978-1512252170, published by CreateSpace (Amazon)



Sanders Keep Cemetery, Nr Graincourt






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